Feastival Tickets Are Now On Sale

Last year’s Feastival is still just a blur of high-grade rum, fried chicken and scantily-clad ladies flying through the air. It was one helluva party, with food and booze and music and people up on stage talking about what a good cause all the money was going towards (the event benefits the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe), but honestly, what I remember most was the chicken, the dark-and-stormies and the acrobats.

Well I’m happy to say that as of right-this-very-minute, tickets for the 2012 Feastival are on sale. And where last year’s Feastival was big, this one is just plain HUGE, with something like 80 restaurants showing up (everyone from Alla Spina to Zahav, with notable middle-of-the-alphabet inclusions like Butcher & Singer, Ela, Federal Donuts, Fond, Franklin Mortgage, Le Bec Fin, Matyson, Meme, Le Virtu, Percy Street BBQ, Route 6, Shake Shack, Stateside, Tashan and, like, fifty others) and plenty of other stuff to keep you amused while you’re running around Pier 9 like a fat kid on free pie day just trying to jam as many sliders and canapes in your mouth as possible before security escorts you out.

Want to know more? Of course you do. Check out the details after the jump.

Feastival 2012

What: A big-ass party for all of Philly’s most fabulous food-people

When: Wednesday, September 12, 6pm-9pm

Where: Pier 9, 121 North Columbus Blvd

How Much: $250 general admission, $350 VIP

Feastival 2012 Tickets [Official website]

Feastival information [Official website]