Brauhaus Schmitz Knocks Through Wall, Makes Us Smile

Brauhaus Schmitz has been knocking down the wall between the original bar and its soon to be open expanded side this a.m. And they’ve been documenting the progress on Twitter, including the awesome pic above.

They’re aiming to have the addition ready for the weekend of July 20th. The addition will increase the square footage of the restaurant by more than 2,000 square feet and will include ten additional beer taps (for a grand total of 30) and 75 more dining seats.T he room will feature a bar top cut from a single spruce tree, a reclaimed antique stove from 1880 that has been converted to gas, a custom beer tower that will have an operational steam whistle (in lieu of a tip bell), and a new six-foot square Stammtisch constructed of Fermentation tank staves from the old Ortlieb’s brewery.

Brauhaus Schmitz [Official Site]