Summer Menu at Lotus Farm to Table

Lotus Farm to Table in Media has updated its menu with summer selections. Throughout the menu you’ll find touches of citrus and lemon, a refreshing addition to the season. Everything from starters like the wild goose oysters and the duck confit leg to main dishes like the grilled tofu and the rainbow trout have included some sort of citrus. A whole branzino for two might pair well with Lotus’ hand-rolled teas or the long list of a la carte cheeses.

First Flavors

Wild Goose Oysters, (Rhode Island), lemon, black-pepper mignonette
Copper Tipped Brunia Lettuce, peas, radish, bacon, cucumber, dill vin
Local Mixed Greens, Birchrun Blue, roasted green onion, black olive vin
Duck Confit Leg, lemon, hazelnut, arugula, baguette
Flatbread, smoked eggplant, fig chèvre, kale pesto
Lamb Spare Rib, avocado, cilantro puree
Chef’s Selection- Artisan Cheese Board

Main Dish

Pennsylvania Whole Rainbow Trout, summer pea salad, citrus herb
Grilled Lamb Loin Chop, mashed peas, spring herb bulgar wheat, anchovy vin
Grilled Citrus Tofu, snap peas, lemon asparagus, charred radish, harissa
Porcini Rub Rib-Eye, crimini, asparagus, Birchrun Blue, bordelaise
Chili Glazed Pork, swiss chard, squash
Seared Rohan Duck Breast, charred radish, garlic spinach
Grass-fed Beef Burger, house bacon, goat brie, pepper mustard, shallots, greens
+ Foie Gras
Whole Branzino, for two, grilled lemon, greens

A la Carte Cheeses

Smokey Blue (Raw Cow)
Rogue Creamery, Oregon
Cave aged for 90 days. Smoked over hazelnuts.
Sharp, moldy blue. Balanced with notes of sweet

Cloud 9 (Pasteurized Goat)
Yellow Springs Farm, Yellow Springs, PA
French style surface ripened cheese with a bite.
Bloomy rind related to Brie and Camembert in taste.

Blue Cheddar (Raw Cow)
Mecox Bay Dairy, Bridgehampton, NY
Velvet paste. Sharp. Notes of grass, toasted
almonds and toffee.

Budderfass (Raw Cow)
Conestoga Cremery, Lancaster County, Pa
Alpine style. Brined and cave aged. Grassy and
earth undertones.

D’Bauvabuh (Raw Cow)
Lancaster County Creamry, Lancaster, Pa
PA Noble aged, sharp cheddar. Earthy and citrus notes

Nutcracker (Raw Goat)
Yellow Springs Dairy, Yellow Springs, Pa
Semi-soft aged 60 days. Mottled rind. Flavor of spent
walnut fruits from Nocino.

Midnight Dreams ( Raw Goat)
Misty Creek Dairy, Leola, PA
Tomme style aged for 60 days. Washed rind with herbs
and port wine. Sweet, milky, and fruity.

Tomme de Harvest (Raw Cow)
Green Acres Farm / Lancaster, PA
Washed rind, semi- soft paste. Earthy and fruity with hints of nuts.
Citrus like finish.

Purple Passion (Raw Goat)
Yellow Springs Farm / Chester County, PA
Lavender, grown on the farm, laces the rind giving
this cheese a herbal and floral aroma. Firm, snowy
white paste, with a rich fudge-like mouthfeel

Tomme de Linden Dale (Raw Goat)
Linden Dale Farm / Ronks, PA
Dense, semi-firm with aromas of yeast and white

Pantaleo (Raw Goat)
Sardegna, Italy
Aged for 100 days. Sweet, floral, yet peppery

Pierre Robert (Raw Cow)
Triple creme, ultra rich paste; buttery taste.

Grayson(Raw Cow)
Meadow Creek Dairy, Virginia
Semi-soft, fudge-like texture. Grassy, nutty, yet sweet
notes; with a solid earthy undertone.

Red Leaf
Yellow Springs Farm, Chester County, Pa
Semi-soft, earthy cheese, with a slightly rugged texture.
Hints of red wine in the rind. Wrapped and aged in the
farm’s Sycamore leaves.

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