Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Zombie Strippers, Cheap Lobsters, Gluten Free Tacos and An Ass-Kicking For Square Peg

Beer, zombies, lobsters and tacos. What more could you people want?

Poor Judgement Dooms Square Peg But the bizarre service didn’t help much either
Summer Menus All of them, all the time, and just for you
Iron Hill Mug Club Meets John Law Because, yeah, they’ve got nothing better to do
First Look: The New Victory Parkesburg Expansion With a video walkthrough
The Gastronaut No Jacket Required
The Revisit: Tapestry does it right
Bainbridge Street Barrel House Opening Soon They’re hyping the “memorable” bathrooms for some reason…
Double The Lobster, Double The Fun Two killer lobster deals for the weekend
Pure Tacos Opening Monday Because we’ve just been dying for some gluten-free tacos
Zombies at Zahav The Down The Shore event was as wild as ever–and we’ve got video to prove it