Summer Menu at Supper

Supper has revamped their menu for the summer season and, while it’s not a complete overhaul, there are some items that seem just right for dinner during (yet another) sticky heat wave.

Though they might make you sweat more than the weather the tamale fries look like they could kick off a meal pretty well. And despite the bad reputation given to pork rinds, adding house made duck sauce and Chinese mustard could elevate the lowly status of the salty snack.

Main dishes that are new to the menu include the dayboat scallops (matched with collards, ham, black eyed peas and cornbread grenobloise) and the chorizo stuffed brook trout that comes with saffron mayo. I don’t know about you, but they had me at “chorizo stuffed.”

Full menu after the jump.

Supper’s Summer Menu


hors d’oeuvres

deviled eggs  our daily selection   6

pastrami fried chicken  Russian dressing, house pickles  9

cheddar and sage cheese puffs  bacon mornay  6

Peking pork rinds  housemade duck sauce, Chinese mustard   7

tamale fries   crisp masa fries, red and green salsas, queso fresco, cilantro, crema   8


charcuterie  our own pickles, grain mustard & toasts          

boudin blanc, country pâté, chorizo, pork rillettes, Bentons country ham, chicken cracklins

choose three/ 13      full board / 18   

relish tray  a trio of house made pickled vegetables, spreads and salads, olive oil toasts   10

cheese   our daily selection with preserves and house baked crackers

choose three/ 17    full board / 22

farmhouse platter    a sampling from all three       34


summer vegetable potage   farm vegetables, emmer wheat,  house ricotta, green garlic parm broth   11

BE Farm greens and herbs salad  Ben’s apples, smoked chicken cracklins, cornbread, buttermilk   12

back porch crudités  fresh BE Farm vegetables, herb salt, crispy biscuits, pimento cheese    13

kale and broccoli salad  crispy pork croquette, pickled red onion, apples, duck fat dressing   15


Carolina catfish   lump crab, soybean succotash, creamy red chile grits, boiled peanut aioli     26

dayboat scallops  BE Farm collards, country ham, black eyed peas, cornbread grenobloise   27

chorizo stuffed brook trout  BE Farm romanesco cauliflower, pine nuts, raisins, saffron mayo   24

market fish of the day   beet ginger slaw, kohlrabi puree, braised greens, lemon jam   mp

BE farm farro risotto  hand picked harvest vegetables, our daily preparation    19

oregano grilled chicken thighs  braised escarole, greek potatoes, saffron chickpea puree, black olive oil  23

duck & waffles  crispy confit duck leg, pecan sage waffles, BE Farm cabbage, maple bourbon jus   26

bbq hampshire pork loin  smoked potato salad, cole slaw wedge, watermelon green onion relish    25

the supper burger   10 ounce dry aged custom La Frieda Supper Blend burger on brioche bun    19

crisp country ham, cheddar, overnight tomatoes, caramelized onions, house pickles

with duck fat fried potatoes and a trio of sauces {truffle mayo, beer mustard and 1000 island}

sides    7

BE farm cabbage spiced apples

cornbread hush puppies bbq sauce

BE farm escarole lemon jam, pecorino

duck fat fried potatoes truffle mayo

BE farm collards b+b pickles

black eyed peas country ham

soybean succotash  bacon mornay

BE farm beet slaw ginger dressing

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