Who Will Become Philly’s Next Hop Chef?

The Ommegang Hop Chef event is coming up and Philadelphia Weekly has all the details on that road trip four competing chefs took to Brewery Ommegang to prepare for the event on Tuesday, July 10th. Between Joe Cicala, Nick Elmi, Scott Schroeder, and George Sabatino the night gets a little wild. Highlights include: lots of jokes about Jason Cichonski, aka “The Pretty One” and many uses of the word “hashtag” aloud in regular conversation.

Be sure to check out the Hop Chef competition next Tuesday at World Cafe Live — our own Arthur Etchells will be judging the chefs’ two beer-inspired dishes alongside Jen CarrollEmilio Mignucci from DiBruno Bros and Mat Falco from Philly Beer Scene.

Who Will Become Philly’s Next Hop Chef? [Philadelphia Weekly]
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