Iron Hill Mug Club Faces Crackdown

There is a secret club that has been operating outside the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for more than ten years. But thankfully state agencies have finally cracked down to rid us of these outlaws. Yes, the state of Pennsylvania has laid down the law against the scourge that is the Iron Hill Mug Club. We know what you’re thinking, “good, a brew pub chain should not encourage or reward customers that rob other citizens.” But you’d be mistaken, the Iron Hill Mug Club is a loyalty program that offered redeemable points for purchase of beer, food and merchandise, plus an extra eight ounces per beer for members. Now it has been decided the club’s incentives run afoul of state laws and have to be changed.

Check out the letter to Mug Club members from Iron Hill president Kevin Finn.

To Mug Club Members and Iron Hill Customers:

Due to factors beyond our control, including decisions by state agencies that regulate the sale of alcohol, the Mug Club as we know it must end.

Whether we agree with these decisions or not, or why after 10 years the Mug Club has become an issue, is not up to us to decide. What is important is finding a solution quickly and doing what’s best for our most loyal customers. We want to comply with all the laws and regulations in the states we operate but our primary focus is providing guests handcrafted beer, creative food and attentive service.

We are currently revising the club to meet the regulator’s demands. During the transition from one club to another, the Mug Club will continue to function but with some important changes, including:

  • We will no longer accept new members during this transition.
  • Current members due for renewal will have their memberships extended until the new club is active.
  • Current members will receive 500 points immediately. This is our gift for past loyalty and patience during this transition.
  • Members will no longer receive points for the purchase of alcohol. This was a major issue for the state. Members will continue to receive points for all other purchases, excluding tax, tip and gift cards.
  • Members can continue to drink from the Mug Club mug, but must pay the same price as non-club members, an additional 50 cents over the current price of a pint. The free eight ounces of beer that Mug Club members received was another major issue for the state.

Many Mug Club benefits will remain the same during this transition, including:

  • Only members will be able to drink from the handmade Mug Club mugs.
  • Members will continue to earn a $25 credit for each 300 points accrued.
  • Members can redeem their credits to pay for any food and beverage purchases including alcohol.
  • The head brewer at your local Iron Hill location will continue his regular emails with members.
  • Each location will continue to host exclusive, members-only Mug Club events.
  • Members can track their points and review member profile online.

We are currently looking at a variety of options and we hope to have a new customer rewards program in place this fall. It will be hard to top the old club but trust that the new one will include rewards and member benefits worthy of the extreme loyalty of our current Mug Club members.

Feel free to discuss these changes and any Mug Club concerns with a manager or You may also email me directly

Thank you for your support and patience,

Kevin Finn
Iron Hill Brewery

The changes affect all Iron Hill locations, not just those in Pennsylvania.

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