First Look: The New Victory Parkesburg Expansion

Back in March, we brought you the news that Victory Brewing had a plan in place to expand to a former Green Giant distribution center in Chester County. But now we have some more details about how the expansion will look, what will be done there and how the space will be utilized. We even have a video walkthrough of the as-yet-completely-empty space filled with a lot of pointing, smiling and looking at blueprints. Some of the big reveals?

  • The new location will have a restaurant/brewpub which may (or may not) feature a giant glass wall.
  • There’ll be an elevated, air-conditioned walkway for brewery tours.
  • The Victory distribution staff will have a two-story office here.
  • Meanwhile, the brewery team will have a 5,000 square foot keg cooler plus a warm room for bottle-conditioning.

First, here’s an aerial shot of the former Green Giant distribution center that’s soon to become the next Victory location.

And here’s the video walkthrough of the location, with more than a little bit of news about how the 50,000+ square foot space will be utilized.

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