Honest Tom’s Is Giving Away Its Truck

Honest Tom’s store is keeping him busy enough that he can’t get his taco truck into a regular schedule. So Tom is giving it away.

For those that have inquired or anyone else it may concern:
We have been trying to get the truck back into regular rotation for months now, but with the shop schedule being as demanding as it is we have realized that it is not going to be possible. So we’ve come up with a plan…
As good as the truck has been to us we’ve decided it cannot be burdened with a monetary value. We will be gifting it to a noble up and comer looking to dive into the dark scary world of food trucking. Email honesttoms@gmail.com with why you should be the chosen one and we will make a decision on monday the 9th of july,meaning emails must be in that Sunday by midnight.

You’ve got to July 9th to come up with a compelling reason/business plan that you want his truck.

Honest Tom’s [Facebook]