Wawa At 17th & Arch Reopens

Rejoice, Center City dwellers, the Wawa on Arch and 17th has reopened — and let me just say, it is as beautiful as a Wawa could be. Of course it looks brand new because it is, pretty much, brand new. But still, it is for the time being (until we get our grubby hands all over it) extremely organized.

Like every great Wawa it has a gigantic coffee station and a deli/hot foods/other good stuff counter complete with a fancy sign and a monitor that says the date, time, and weather. There is an entire rack of shelves dedicated to an assortment of gum and candy as well as a lone counter especially for cigarettes, which anyone who has waited in line for the cashier to find “the red pack” the guy in front of you is pointing out knows is a great idea.

Enough of the Wawa love, just go check it out for yourself next time you need to satiate your Hoagiefest craving.

Speaking of Hoagiefest, did you know you can download your own Hoagiefest ringtone? Well, now you do. You’re welcome.

Wawa [Official Site]