Hand-Bottled Fizzy Cocktails at Garces Trading Co.

Just in time for the hottest days of the season Garces Trading Co. is offering a twist on summer cocktails. Beverage manager Brandon Thomas has created three hand-bottled fizzy cocktails to serve to the dine-in guests at GTC.

Each cocktail is mixed, frozen to 30 degrees, and carbonated before being hand-bottled with Garces Trading Co. caps. When ordered each individual glass bottle is poured into properly garnished glasses and served for $12. Thomas will create new flavors and combinations for each season.

For the summer these cocktails include:

Americano: Campari and Sweet Vermouth with orange oil, garnished with orange peel

Avenue 1111: Tanqueray with house-made lime cordial, ginger beer and mint leaves, garnished with fresh mint

Pepino Fresco: Cuervo Gold and St. Germain elderflower liqueur with celery juice, cucumber juice and lemon juice, garnished with paper-thin cucumber wheels

Garces Trading Co. [Official Site]

Photo courtesy of Jason Varney