Katie Loeb’s Cocktail Menu at Han Dynasty

On Friday night I checked out the newest location of Han Dynasty even as the heavens dropped a deluge that turned much of Market Street in University City into the mighty Yellow River. This location of Han Dynasty has comfortably taken over the MidAtlantic space without much of a redo. And for the many of fans of Han Chiang’s restaurants, the food is every bit as good as his Old City location.

One new thing is the addition of Katie Loeb’s cocktail list. Inspired by the drinks of old-school Chinese-American restaurants, but done right with housemade batches of grenadine, passionfruit syrup and ginger beer, these drinks were a fun way to start off the night but really stood out when the spicy Sichuan fare arrived. The kick of the dry pepper infused Sinorita softened when paired with spicy cucumbers. The tartness from the lemon juice in the Port Light mellowed when it washed down the dry pot.

Loeb’s menu includes tradtional drinks like the Scorpion Bowl and Port Light as well as original creations like the Sinorita and Chengdu Mule. The drink list is quite reasonable, ranging from $6 to $9, the only downside, no giant bowl to share among 4-6 of your friends.

Chengdu Mule $7
Lemongrass infused vodka, lime juice, house-made ginger beer

Port Light $8
Bourbon, Passionfruit syrup, lemon juice, house grenadine

Sinorita $9
Dry pepper infused reposado tequila, fresh lime, orange curacao, agave nectar served in a Sichuan peppercorn/salt/raw sugar rimmed glass

Xiâoguî Gimlet $6
Your choice of vodka or gin, lime, lemon, or pink grapefruit-lemongrass

Chongqing Sling $9
Gin, Cherry heering, Benedictine, orange curacao, lime and pineapple juices, house grenadine, Angostura bitters

Red Garter $7
Gin, house grenadine, lemon juice, orange juice, orange bitters

Scorpion Bowl $8
Gin, vodka, light rum, overproof rum, dark rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, house grenadine

Double Dragon Punch $8
Brandy, light rum, amaretto, housemade orgeat, dragonfruit, orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice, the spiritual powers of one, Lung-Lung Chiang

Han Dynasty [Official Site]