Barra Adds Lunch

BarraGordon Dinerman‘s re-envisioning of Rob LaScala’s Rocchino’s and Azione on Chestnut Street in Old City–opened for dinner service just a couple weeks ago. And now, the announcement has come down that the big 145-seat space will begin serving lunch tomorrow.

There’s no menu in place yet (which, considering we’re under 24 hours before the first lunch plate hits the table, is a little worrisome), but what we do know is that lunch will be running from 11:30am to 2:30pm (with the kitchen remaining open between 2:30 and Happy Hour, which really means that lunch will be served for a bit longer for you procrastinators), and that the kitchen will be offering a burger and 4 to 6 daily lunch specials.

More details as they come through. Keep an eye on this space.

Barra [Foobooz]