Brunch Without the Wait: Molly Malloy’s

We here at Foobooz are bringing back a feature we used to do way back in the day, Brunch without the Wait. At the risk of blowing up someone’s hidden gem, we will be highlighting brunches where you don’t have to spend an hour milling about the sidewalk.

First up is brunch at Molly Malloy’s

Last weekend a friend from out of town was looking for a Saturday brunch for herself and nine friends. And it had to be at 10 a.m. These requirements eliminated just about all the standard brunch spots and had me scratching my head. A tweet from Molly Malloy’s reminding me of their seven day a week breakfast. A quick glance of the menu proved that they had all the bases covered, and a full bar in case someone needed some hair of their dog with their brunch. And I figured, the fruit and vegetables would certainly be fresh since Molly Malloy’s is owned by Reading Terminal produce market, Iovine Bros.

I ordered the pancakes with a side of fruit. The pancakes arrived with a crispy little edges (but not burnt), truly the best part of a pancake. I imagined it tasted something like Ed prepared for Pee Wee Herman in the last season of Top Chef. Oddly missing from the pancakes was butter. But one bite revealed where it had gone. It was baked right into the pancakes. Certainly one of the best pancake dishes I’ve had in years. Around me omelets, French toast and bacon disappeared quickly. The side of fruit was just as I had hoped, fresh and juicy, I practically didn’t mind that I had skipped the bacon.

So I would certainly recommend Molly Malloy’s for a wait-free brunch. And if you get it eaten quickly enough, you can even shop the market before the hordes descend.

Molly Malloy’s [Official Site]