Davio’s Beating the Heat With Booze

If the weathermen and their dire predictions of spontaneous combustion are to be believed, Philadelphia is in for a scorcher of a week with temperatures topping 100 degrees. Thankfully, there is a clever pastry chef in town (Thomas Heck fromDavio’s) who has decided to do something about it. On Wednesday and Thursday (the days which are supposed to be the hottest), he’ll be making alcohol-spiked ice pops to help folks keep cool–or to just get drunk enough not to notice the heat.

They’ll be offered in three varieties: Prosecco and rose petal with a splash of orange juice, watermelon and mint with vodka, and pina colada. The kitchen will be letting the ice pops go for $5 apiece, and will only be serving them from 11am to 3pm, tomorrow and Thursday.

Davio’s [Official website]