Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Everything You Love, Nothing You Hate

As has been noted in the comments section, we here at Foobooz are just hopeless shills for the Le Bec-Fins/Hop Sings/Shake Shacks/Alla Spinas opening around town, always getting in there and providing you with news about the newest, biggest, most interesting and most disastrous openings in town. What a bunch of jerks we are! But still, in honor of those who claim we are incapable of talking about anything else, here are a few other stories you might’ve missed.

Pizza Brain! Because what the world needs now is a pizza museum, don’t you think?
Quest Loves Food at the Night Market Best fried chicken you ever ate on the street
Artisinal Ham Plate at Percy Street BBQ Take our word for it and order them three at a time
Barra Opens in Old City Lose two restaurants, gain one giant bar
Opening Date for Circles in NoLibs More Thai food is never a bad thing
Foobooz Six Pack: Lobster Rolls
Hot Dog Happy Hour at Supper One more reason to get out there and put a wiener in your mouth
Summer Menu at Meritage Korean fried pig tails? Yes, please
Blue Belly BBQ Preview at Southwark Come for the pig, stay for the cocktails
Blockhead Barbecue at the Trestle Inn That’s three pieces of barbecue news in as many days. That’s why I love summer

Happy weekend, everyone!