Six Pack: House Made Sodas

While New Yorkers shudder at the thought of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on large servings of sodas and sugary drinks, we Philadelphians are prepared to let all the soda addicts cry on our shoulders. More importantly, we are also prepared to brag about the limitless bottles of craft soda that we have on hand throughout this great city at any point in time. At these six Philly establishments you can find a plethora of flavors in as many ounces as your heart desires.

Stings a bit, doesn’t it NYC?

Hey, if you’re nice we may even let you have some. But only, like, 12 oz or so.

Crafty Sodas at Hot Diggity

This South Street joint sells more than just designer dogs. With brand new handmade craft sodas flavors like Root Beer, Maple Lemonade, Lime Cilantro Jalapeno and Switchel, Hot Diggity provides a great pop to wash down their other tasty creations.

Hot Diggity (South Street)
630 South St.
(267) 886-9253

Pop on the Go with Lucky Old Souls

This “farm-to-truck” rolling burger spot provides thick milkshakes and artisan sodas in addition to its food menu. Using ingredients from P & H Soda Co., a Brooklyn-based syrup maker, Lucky Old Souls pumps out classics like cream or lime and old-time flavors like hibiscus and sarsaparilla.

Lucky Old Souls (Food Truck)
(215) 913-3617

Homemade Soda in Rum Bar’s Cocktails

Rum Bar’s  Caribbean inspired seasonal cocktail menu includes four new drinks made with house-made sodas. The Ting-A-Ling, Cubanita Crush, Miami Vescence, and Blueberry Fizz, each with grapefruit, mint, pineapple, or blueberry soda respectively, are sure to beat the heat this summer.

Rum Bar (Center City)
2005 Walnut St.
(215) 751-0404

Capital Grille Brings Soda to the Steak House

In the mood to pair your steak with a bottle of…pop? Well, look no further, because The Capital Grille makes their own grapefruit soda, as well as a freshly squeezed mint lemonade.

The Capital Grille (Center City)
1338 Chestnut St
(215) 545-9588

Just Try Choosing One at the Franklin Fountain

With over 25 flavors of soda, including both homemade and outside brand syrups, the Berley brothers and their staff run their sodas through their old-fashioned water filter to make it bubbly just for you.

Franklin Fountain (Old City)
116 Market St.
(215) 627-1899

Killer Combos in Vernick’s Sodas

Though the menu changes at the new Vernick Food & Drink their sodas will always be handmade. Right now they’re serving a Ginger & Lime as well as a Raspberry & Basil soda, but choices change depending on what seasonal fruits are available.

Vernick (Center City)
2031 Walnut St.
(267) 639-6644