Nick’s Roast Beef Going to Long Time Bartender


Grub Street tipped us off to a story Dan Gross wrote about the closure of 32° in Old City. Our immediate reaction was, 32° was still open? But we were sorry to see that Nick’s Roast Beef was also mentioned as shuttering and coming under new ownership.

Luckily for everyone who looked at Nick’s Roast Beef as an oasis on 2nd Street (we always enjoyed the confused looks on stiletto wearing young women when they made a left instead of heading upstairs to 32°), the name taking over the business is a familiar one. It’s Joe Schultice, better known as “Joe Dog,” the longtime short wearing bartender with the long hair. We’re not sure what Joe has in store for the Old City institution but we’re sure it won’t be a “luxe lounge” and thank goodness for that.

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