Six Pack: Doughnut Desserts in Philadelphia Restaurants

Sure, you could go to Wawa at 7 a.m. to wrestle an icing-slathered and probably stale doughnut out of another commuter’s grubby hands to get your morning sugar rush. Or, you could wait for the dessert menu after dinner at one of Philadelphia’s finest restaurants for a twist on the breakfast staple.

If you’re bored with the same old Boston Cream check out these six restaurants serving up daring and delicious dessert dougnuts.

Dip Sum Doughnuts at Buddakan

Finish up a Starr-y night with a Chinese take on the American classic. Five spice sugar dougnuts are perfect for dipping in blackberry jam, chocolate sauce, or gingered cream cheese.

Buddakan (Old City)
325 Chestnut St
(215) 574-9440

Sweet Ricotta Donuts at Talula’s Garden

Aimee Olexy‘s top Philadelphia restaurant does farm-and-garden inspired meals right. End the night with her Little Sweet Ricotta Donuts with apricot jam and chocolate-hazelnut sauce and you might be convinced these dougnuts are actually healthy.

Talula’s Garden (Washington Square)
210 W Washington Sq
(215) 592-7787

Masala Donuts at Tashan

This upscale modern Indian spot has a lot to offer for Philadelphia, including their own Masala Donuts. Tashan’s twelve-spice Fennel sugar doughnut is accompanied by chocolate mousse and cardamom syrup for a great dessert.

Tashan (Bella Vista)
777 S Broad St
(267) 687-2170

Donut Bread Pudding at Alla Spina

Alla Spina brings crazy Italian-American mash-ups to the bar. Bread pudding made with doughnuts? Sounds like another great combination. No word yet on whether pig ears are listed as ingredients.

Alla Spina (Fairmount)
1410 Mt. Vernon St
(215) 600-0017

Vanilla Spiced Doughnuts at Stateside

So Stateside may not be the first to come to mind when you’re looking for a good Philly doughnut, but it’s been on the menu since they opened. In fact they just changed up their dougnut for Spring, it is now topped with vanilla spice and served with blueberry jam and lemon curd.

Stateside (East Passyunk)
1536 East Passyunk Ave
(215) 551-2500

Powdered Sugar Doughnuts at The Corner

Powdered sugar doughnuts are a Philly favorite so it’s only right that American eatery The Corner would serve them up. With coffee creme anglaise served along side, you might not need a cup of joe for dunking.

The Corner (Midtown)
102 S. 13th St
(215) 735-7500