Walnut Street Supper Club Reviewed

Live singing over our dinners might make some cringe, but at Walnut Street Supper Club the food might bring bigger groans. Leah Blewett is unhappy with her time at the throwback Italian-American restaurant.

That food, though, was largely uninspired and frequently poorly executed. The pan-seared goat cheese is a puck, breaded and fried, served with scarcely a drizzle of the lingonberry compote promised on the menu. A seafood medley martini is, in fact, a doughy seafood cake, served hot (and in a martini glass, for no obvious reason) and accompanied by saffron aioli that more closely resembles tartar sauce and cocktail sauce that is, effectively, ketchup. Beef carpaccio overpowers delicate petals of meat with a greasy mess that included the texture of capers and artichokes but none of their vinegary bite. The flavor is dominated by waxy Parmigiano and a dearth of olive oil.


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