Jason Cichonski’s New Happy Hour(s) At Ela

Starting next Tuesday, May 22nd, chef Jason Cichonski is doing Happy Hour His Way and bringing his usual twists to the traditional post-work celebration. Challenging the status quo, Cichonski’s happy hour(s) at Ela will be Tuesday through Friday and Sundays from 5-6:30pm.

Rotating drink specials (like $3 draughts, $5 wines, and $6 cocktails) will be at the bar, and an ever-changing menu will be available as well. Dishes will change per Cichonski’s whim (read: often, and probably without warning) but at any time might include…

Pickle Plate with everything from cauliflower florets to butter radishes preserved in-house, served alongside house-dried jerky

Bacon Preserved Sardines marinated with grilled onions, honey and sherry vinegar, then lightly grilled

Puffed Oyster Cracklins crunchy dehydrated-and-fried oysters with Old Bay mayonnaise

Crispy Chicken “Chomps” pieces of marinated chicken thighs breaded and fried crispy

Tots His Way hand-rolled potato gnocchi that are breaded and fried, then served alongside a creative concoction that combines lime, soy, mustard, roasted garlic and chopped, smoked pickles

This special menu will also feature the Soy Bourbon Burger, “a sirloin patty with bourbon- and soy-glazed shitake mushrooms, aged Cabot cheddar, and smoked pickles” that is so mysterious only 10 of them will be served each day and only during the happiest of hours–news which, alone, makes us want to eat three of them right now.

And we’re pretty excited for Sunday funday at Ela, too, even if we may (or may not) be able to, possibly, be served any of the above dishes (or others) that chef Cichonski may want to make for us, depending on his mood.

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