Party Like It’s the 1830s at Bartram Gardens

Bartram’s Gardens curator Joel Fry found a note describing how to make Bartram’s Homestead Bitters. The handwritten note is identified as belonging to John William Bartram (1813-1866), a great grandson of John Bartram, the botanist.

This Wednesday Bartram Gardens is hosting a “lively evening of curious cocktails and convivial company” on the banks of the Schuylkill River with drinks featuring Bartram Bitters. The recipe for the bitters has been recreated by Philadelphia Distilling and Fair Food. Cocktails will be created by Christopher Walls (Dettera), Theo Webb (Fish) and Phoebe Esmon. Snacks will be provided by Ashley Power of Power Catering Events with support from Jen and Mitch Prensky of Supper.

Admission is available at two levels, the Social Sipper price is $75 and includes admission and a bottle of Bartram Bitters. The Merry Maker is $125 and includes admission, a bottle of Bartram Bitters and a Gardener membership to Bartram Gardens.

Buy your tickets online.

Bartram Bitters [Ticket Leap]