Distant Early Warning: Foobooz Events At Cook

Those of you who have managed to get tickets for either our Foobooz Neighborhood Pop-Up events or our Foobooz Open Stove Nights at Cook know that three things are pretty much guaranteed:

1) There will be plenty to drink

2) You will eat like no one else in the city on the night you attend

3) Someone will probably cry before the night is done

All of the events we’ve done so far have been awesome–bizarre parties full of tequila shots and foie gras, ramen, donuts and dirty jokes. The video above? That’s pretty indicative of how these nights shake out. And the only complaint we’ve had so far is that these things often sell out so quick that newbies never get a shot at tickets. Our next Neighborhood Pop-Up, for example? South Street East (which will bring together Brauhaus Schmitz, Percy Street BBQ, Supper and Hot Diggety for one night of meaty gluttony), and tickets are already gone. Ditto our next Zahav-vs.-Lacroix Open Stove Night. But for those who are still looking to get in on the fun, I have a solution…

Right now, there are still tickets available for our June 20th Neighborhood Pop-Up, which will be bringing together a bunch of chefs from South Street, west of Broad (we’ve got Rex 1516 coming in for that one, among others). If you go quickly, you might still be able to grab one. That’s the first thing you can do.

The second thing? Hit us up with suggestions for other Open Stove match-ups you’d like to see. The deal with these is, no big names, no exec chefs. It’s chef de cuisine and below–a chance for the normally overlooked grunts on the line to have their moment in the spotlight and to battle for bragging rights among their peers. Have a line cook, saucier, grillman or patissiere in your neighborhood that you just love? Let us know. Have some total dick or overrated shoemaker that you’d like to see get publicly spanked by some better cook from down the block? We like those kinds of contests, too. Better still, if you’re a cook and think you’ve got the chops to compete in our culinary Thunderdome, consider this your opportunity to apply. The more contestants we get, the more events we’ll host. The more events we host, the better your chances of snagging a ticket. See how this works?

And who knows… If we get some kind of super-awesome suggestion, maybe we’ll invite you along to hang out as a special guest for the night, too. Because that’s just the kind of generous mothers we are.

Suggestions below. And don’t forget to register early for June’s pop-up at Cook.

Foobooz Neighborhood Pop-Up: South Street West [Cook]