Best Of Philly: Sliders, Cake And A Shoe For Lunch

Yep, that is EXACTLY what you think it is–it’s a shoe made of chocolate, filled with chocolate truffles and surrounded by chocolate caramels. It showed up unexpectedly at Foobooz World HQ this morning, delivered by the good people at Classic Cake who, apparently, want to be in the running for the Best Stuff Shaped Like Other Stuff category when Best of Philly hits the stands in August.

And you know what? They’d be a strong contender. Cool as it looks, it actually tasted even better. And that wasn’t the only thing that showed up at our offices this morning…

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate–this thing had a sheen like a mirror before we turned it over to the staff, and was good enough to punch everyone directly in their pleasure centers. As for me, I ate one of the pulled sugar flowers off the top. It tasted way better than eating a real flower.

Crab cake sliders from Coastline in Cherry Hill. Yeah, you heard what I said: Crab cakes from a New Jersey nightclub.

More sliders–of the burger variety this time, both Greek-ish (with sauteed onions and feta) and Mediterranean (slathered in tzatziki). Still from Coastline.

And then it was back to dessert with a chocolate chambord cake from Classic Cake. While I could’ve lived without the white chocolate fans (I hate white chocolate in almost any form, and deeply mistrust those who feel otherwise), it was easy enough to “accidentally” knock a couple onto the floor and just eat the raspberry-spiked cake beneath.

All in all, the cakes were far more successful than the sliders–so much so that while I am not yet considering adding a Best Seafood From A Disco category to this year’s awards, I am tempted to make space for that shoe. Best Indulgence For A Foot Fetishist perhaps?