Alla Spina Will Make a Man Out of You

Alla Spina makes a man of Leah Blewett and she says that’s a good thing.

Yes, Alla Spina made me a man—because ever since my first meal there, I have been lusting after pigtails with a hunger I can only describe as masculine.

The menu’s charms don’t end there, which is a good thing given the size and scope, ranging from $6 “sotto aceti” house-cured pickles to a $75 whole roasted pig’s head for four. Those pickles, though bright and pungent, are almost unnecessary; most plates are so balanced that there’s no need to add additional vinegary bite. They do serve nicely alongside the pig pot pie, a puff pastry-topped casserole of meaty nuggets and creamy gravy that benefits from the snap and crunch of vegetables (recently, ramps, pearl onions and bell peppers).

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