Sneak Preview: June At Cook

Yes, it’s that time again. The June schedule at cook is going up tomorrow at 2pm, but because you are wise and well-connected Foobooz readers, you get an early sneak-peek so that you can be all ready when registration begins. As we’ve warned you before, the best classes sell out FAST, so you need to be prepared when clicky-clicky time comes.

So what is looking good in June? Well let me tell you about a little thing called Philly Beer Week

For three nights in June, Philly Beer Week will be coming to Cook with three different events. The first (which, conveniently, happens on June 1st) is a German beer dinner with Jeremy Nolen from Brauhaus Schmitz. On the 4th, Dock Street will be in the house, pouring their finest in a paired dinner. And on the 5th, Scott Schroeder from SPTR will be behind the bar pouring the real champagne of beers: Chimay. If you know about Chimay, you know how awesome this night will be. And if you haven’t tried Chimay before? Well then there’s probably something deeply wrong with you, but it’s nothing that a night at Cook won’t fix.

Moving on from Beer Week, we have another Foobooz Open Stove Night scheduled for the 6th which will pit cooks from Zahav and Lacroix against each other in a battle to the death. We’ve done two of these events already (look for the after-action report from last night’s Stateside/Matyson throwdown later this afternoon) and both of them have been rollicking, loud, delicious and drunken affairs involving ramen noodles, Kraft singles, surprise guests and WAY too much tequila. This one promises to be no different, and we have some super awesome twists to throw at the two competitors to try and trip them up in front of their adoring fans.

On Friday the 8th, Mini Trini will be back at Cook for a solo night (they came for our Food Truck Pop Up a while back and blew everyone away) that is guaranteed to drive you crazy with joy. The Trinidadian food this crew puts together is better than you could possibly imagine, and just watching the family all talk and bicker while they work is worth the price of admission.

Saturday the 9th marks the first ever Cook field trip–an event being held at Wyebrook Farm for those looking for a serious farm-to-table experience. I’m not sure whether or not the Cook crew will be gassing up the party bus for this one, but it should be a seriously good time.

On the 13th, Cook is hosting some out-of-town talent with chef and author Barbara Lynch coming down from Boston to man the stoves. On the 15th, Chris Scarduzio from Table 31 will be doing Italian comfort food. On the 22nd, Carlos Aparicio from Zavino will be teaching you how to make pasta. On the 26th, there’ll be a Greek feast courtesy of Opa’s Andrew Brown. We’ve got another in our series of Foobooz Neighborhood Pop-Ups scheduled for the 20th and will be bringing in crews from restaurants that call South Street West home for one ginormous multi-course party complete with drinks, food, cooking tips and (if past events are any indicator) dirty jokes and sing-alongs, too.

And all of this is only about half of what’s on tap for the month. So you know the drill, right? Tomorrow, 2pm, be waiting at Cook’s website with a plan in mind. Click fast, click often and we hope to see all of you there in June.

Cook [Official website]

June schedule at Cook [Live at 2pm on Friday]