Philadelphia Sandwich Experiment Happening On Sunday

You know who loves sandwiches? We love sandwiches! And so does the crew from the Food Experiments who will be descending on Philly this Sunday to spread a little sandwich love.

Don’t know what the Food Experiments is? Then read on, friend. Read on…

The Food Experiments is a kind of traveling circus of cook-offs, roaming from city to city and holding contests to see which amateur cooks make the best Chinese food, pork barbecue or what-have-you. This weekend they’re in Philly, at the Underground Arts theatre, hosting a super sandwich throwdown called the Philadelphia Sandwich Experiment (which I totally call dibs on as a name for my new prog rock band) in which some of Philly’s brightest and bravest amateurs will compete before an expert judging panel consisting of Lily Cope (from COOK), Tony Luke Jr. (from Tony Luke’s), Emilio Mignucci (of DiBruno Bros.) and none other than the donut-and-duck-heart king himself, Michael Solomonov.

There will be fun. There will be food. Seeing as these are all galley hobbyists competing, there may very well be blood and ambulances as well. And the only way you can get in on the fun is to get a ticket before they’re all gone.

They’re $12, people. What have you got to lose?

The Food Experiments [Official website]