Greatest Hits and What You Missed: More Ramen! More Booze! More Bunnies!

Photo courtesy Jason Varney

I know we’ve had a good week when I have more stories to highlight than I can reasonably fit in a single post, and this was one of those weeks. Between ramen news, burger news, booze news, restaurant openings, closures, rumors, tirades and recipes for making delicious bunny stew, we were all kept very busy. Below, you’ll find just some of the best of it. Because who knows what you might’ve missed…

Honeygrow Will Pay Your Parking Tickets Take THAT faceless government bureaucracy!
First Look At Miles Table Another cafe for South Street
La Petite Dauphine Coming To Walnut Street This is becoming one of the hottest blocks in the city
Fooboz Six Pack: Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bars Where to go and when
Tale Of The Tape: Rittenhouse Tavern A new home for Le Bec-Fin’s former chef
Foobooz TV: Rabbit Pot Au Feu Courtesy of Townsend Wentz from McCrossen’s
Ramen Bar Coming To West Philly There is no such thing as too much