Science Of Beer At The Philadelphia Science Festival

It can be so hard to be a beer nerd. You can stand on line all morning for a sip of Kentucky Breakfast Stout, sound intelligent when talking to the latest brewing celeb to roll through town and win 1st place in your homebrew club’s cereal-as-grain competition. But let’s face it, with the surging popularity of craft, there’s always a horde of newbies threatening to overtake you in the quest for beer geek bragging rights.

Want to stay one step ahead of those posers? Then start by going to the All About Ales Science of Beer workshop at Yards Friday night. As part of the now-one-of-our-favorite-Philly-events Science Festival, Yards brewers will get all intellectual by delving into the sensory stuff that’s involved in brewing. They’ll discuss the chemical reactions that make beer happen then turn participants over to a food psychologist from Monell who will explain why certain beer-food pairings make sense (BTW, we know from personal experience that she’s a riot and a very knowledgeable speaker). And of course, for the price of a $35 ticket, the Yards staff isn’t going to let you go hungry or thirsty. Percy Street BBQ, Birchrun Hills Farm and Betty’s Speakeasy will be serving food samples to go along with your beer.

And when it’s all done, you’ll be a beer science ninja, fully ready to school all the wannabes and amateurs on exactly how the bourbon molecules in the aging barrels interact with the beer to make it appeal so delightfully to the taste receptors on your tongue the next time you find yourself among the crowds clamoring for a taste of KBS.

Philadelphia Science Festival [Official website]