A Serious Farm-To-Table Experience at One Atlantic

In a sign that “farm fresh” has officially jumped the (locally fished, sustainably raised, 100% organic) shark, the luxe wedding/event space on the top floor of The Pier Shops at Caesars is inviting their posh clients to forage for their own food.

Want to know more…?

And by “their own food” we mean all of their own food–no half-measures here. Because One Atlantic’s executive chef, Bill Fausey, sources all of his ingredients from within 100 miles of A.C. (his galette of poker chips is delicious), he offers patrons a customized experience that extends to letting them pick their own produce and soon-to-be-dead-meat for their events. The farms that partner with Fausey have also agreed to grow specific herbs and vegetables for clients who request them, though we don’t advise placing orders for ceremonial or celebratory cannabis … you should probably just stick with your brother-in-law for that.

Fortunately, you may be cool to skip the weed altogether because we suspect that, stoned or not, your guests will be impressed with the panoramic view of the ocean, the fresh kill on the plate, and the stories of how you and your new bride ran around a farm to catch the pig you’re serving them for dinner.

One Atlantic [Official website]