Opening Date For HipCityVeg

With just about every single man, woman and child–vegetarian or carnivore–going loopy for the radishes and rutabega at Rich Landau’s Vedge, it should come as welcome news to Philadelphia’s tofu enthusiasts that, come Monday, April 16, there will be yet another new place where those with the taste for it, might score even more Landau-inspired vegetable goodness–and this time, on the cheap.

HipCityVeg is scheduled to open on that date at 127 S. 18th Street, worming its way into a power block already home to the likes of Serafina and This fast-casual, mostly take-out, vegetarian sandwich joint is being opened by Horizons vet Nicole Marquis. And since she used to work with Landau at Horizons (and, according to the Insider, envisioned HipCityVeg as a way to “put Horizons into a sandwich”), guess who she got to come in and take a first pass at the menu?

Michael Klein talked to her about the opening this afternoon and reports that HipCityVeg will be doing a lunch-and-dinner schedule and keeping everything on the menu under a $9 ceiling–which is frankly revolutionary for any restaurant with a Rittenhouse Square address.

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