Are the Phillies a Bunch of Phoodies?

Last year we had Hunter Pence and his now famous proclamation, “good game, now let’s go eat.” Last night, an apron wearing Cole Hamels hosted a true food lovers private dinner prepared by Philly’s own Top Chef contestant Jennifer Carroll. In HughE Dillon’s recap of the five-course dinner party, Dillon got  Jonathan Papelbon’s recipe for Duck Poppers; fried duck wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese and hot peppers.

Yesterday was also a good food day for the aforementioned Hunter Pence, Pence tweeted that he was “getting acquainted with the awesomeness of Philly foods at DiBruno Bros.”

Hopefully all this good food gets the Phillies bats going.

Cole & Heidi Hamels Host a Dinner Party [Philly Post]