Early Warning: Date Set For 3rd Annual Feastival

Yes, it’s a bit early. Yes, if you’re anything at all like me, the cool and calm of September must seem like a dream right now–almost impossibly distant, a page on the calendar that hasn’t even yet been considered.

And yet, September will come eventually. And when it does, you’re going to want to have the night of the 12th already marked off because that’s the night that Feastival (now in its 3rd year) will be rolling into town, bringing with it all the different kinds of food and booze and weirdness for which it is quickly coming to be known.

Feastival is a party, first and foremost. A massive party, thrown by chefs and artists and bartenders, with proceeds benefiting the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe. It is a cultural event, a kind of one-night-only gastronaut Nirvana with 75 of the city’s best restaurants and bars all gathering together under one roof to show off their best work to every mover, shaker and taste-maker in town. It is a riot (the good kind) and a blast, a chance to see and be seen–one of those parties where you’ll see tuxedos and mohawks side-by-side, dinner jackets and biker leathers, lock-jawed society types and tattooed freaks all rubbing shoulders and fighting over the last plate of ceviche.

You wanna know who’ll be there? Everyone. Everyone who matters, anyhow. In terms of restaurants, it runs the gamut from Alla Spina to Zama, from 10 Arts to Federal Donuts. Throw in Ela, Fergie’s, Meme and Zahav, Fish, Fond, Fork and Fountain, the Franklin Mortage, Audrey Claire, Morimoto, Le Virtu, Lacroix and about 60 other great bars and restaurants and you’re starting to get the picture, right? They’re all going to be there. They’re all going to be cooking and serving just for you. And now, today, we can announce the details for the first time. Here’s what we know:

Feastival 2012

Where: Pier 9, located at 121 North Columbus Boulevard
When: Wednesday, September 12 from 6pm-9pm
How Much: $250 general admission, $350 VIP
More Information: Check out the Feastival website, now up and running at phillyfeastival.com

Feastival 2012 [Official website]

Philadelphia Live Arts Festival [Official website]