I’ll Have An Egg and Cheese and Mouse Turd Sandwich, Please

Well, I was planning to scarf down a $2.50 egg-and-cheese sandwich (ketchup and pepper) from a street vendor near Foobooz World Headquarters. But once I spied these clear-as-day rodent droppings sitting atop a long roll on the counter inside the cart, I decided to skip breakfast altogether. (See, I knew I should have gone with the English muffin.)

I’m not naming the specific cart here, since I don’t have scientific proof that these are mouse droppings (unlike the shrimp feces and fruit fly issue I once found at a certain New Orleans inspired restaurant, which I am sure has cleaned up their act by now, right? ). And, well, who wants to get sued? But I actually got a much closer look than this and have lived in Philadelphia proper long enough to know what mouse poop looks like.

Anyway, rest assured that the appropriate authorities will be notified. And, as always, be careful out there, people.