Xfinity Live Now Open For Business (Which Means For Drinking)

As we speak, the crowds are likely descending on the brand-spankin’ new colossal money-making machine that is Xfinity Live. There are restaurants. There are gift shops. There are TV’s bigger than my first apartment, patios, fire pits, live music venues (one of which is currently occupied by Third Eye Blind, doing a free outdoor concert to “celebrate” the opening), a replica Stanley Cup, a mechanical bull and more bars than any reasonable human being needs access to within a hundred steps. Hell, there are more bars than any unreasonable human being needs access to within one hundred steps.

But the point is, it’s all there, It’s all open. And just a couple days ago (while the place was still crawling with construction crews desperately trying to get everything assembled for the grand debut), the Foobooz Full Coverage News Van pulled up out front and disgorged our crack team of video ninjas who got a first look at the place. Want to take a look at the place before committing to a night of corporate-approved debauchery? Then you’ve come to the right place…

Foobooz Full Team Coverage: First walkthrough of Xfinity Live