Last Chance For Free Stuff: Barrio Pop-Up

Late last week we announced a contest to win a pair of free tickets to Wheeler del Torro’s Barrio pop-up, happening this weekend at some undisclosed location in Philly. All you had to do? Come up with two questions to add to the (ridiculous, maddening, polarizing…) questionnaire that Mr. del Torro asks people to fill out before allowing them to purchase tickets for his event(s).

Now, we’re coming down to the wire. I just got word that Wheeler has added a third seating to the event, so while we’ve gotten some good responses, several bitchy ones and a few angry screeds, I’m still hoping to squeeze in a few more entrants before zero-hour. Consider this your 5-hour warning. We’re closing off the contest at 5pm today. Best pair of questions wins the pair of $150 tickets.

Ready? Go.

Free Stuff (For A Price): The Foobooz Barrio Pop-Up Contest [Foobooz]