Fire Last Night At Han Dynasty

See that picture up there? That’s the amount of chiles that go on ONE PLATE of crab at Han Dynasty. So really, the surprising thing isn’t that the Old City location caught fire during service last night, but that the fire was not caused by some poor customer simply exploding.

As it was, the fire was essentially harmless. It started in the basement, was quickly brought under control by the fire department before it spread, did cause the evacuation of the dining room (no one was hurt, but word is, many of those evac’d into the street brought their plates with them–unwilling to lose their dinners if the fire got out of hand), but not much in the way of actual harm. Han Dynasty will be re-opening for dinner tonight (much like the Sidecar was able to do after it caught fire a couple weeks ago), but the basement will need a little cleanup from fire, water and fireman-related damage.

Han Dynasty [Official website]