Sky Cafe Gets A Two Bell Review

Craig Laban dives in for stinky beans and fish rice at the two-year-old Sky Cafe in South Philly, and comes up with a rollicking two bell review about culinary adventurism, the joys of fish funk and eating tongue.

“You’re not going to like that,” says Edy Yu when I ask about a special called “satay Padang” taped to the wall at Sky Cafe, a cheery little Indonesian restaurant on Ritner Street.

Well, what about the salted fish fried rice?

“Not going to like that, either.”

OK, what are “sator” beans?

“We call them stinky beans, and you are definitely not going to like those,” says Yu. “I don’t even like them. They stay in your body for three days . . . . ”

Yu’s expression lightens suddenly, though, as it dawns on him what’s about to happen: “Wait a second. The more I tell you not to get something, the more you want it, right?”

Two Bells–Very Good

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