Foobooz TV: Making A Better Grilled Cheese Sandwich

So a couple days ago, we had this idea… What with the monthly Foobooz Neighborhood Pop-Ups we’re hosting at Cook being such a success, why not use the opportunity to do a little educational outreach for the people of Philadelphia. We have chefs. We have cooking equipment. We have supplies. So why not collect some recipes?

Better yet, why not just videotape the chefs doing what they do best so that all the rest of you Fooboozers out there can try and replicate the techniques at home?

So that’s what we did. We rolled up in the Foobooz Full Team Coverage news van (yeah, we have a van. And it’s got a picture of an awesome wizard on the side, rabbit-punching a dragon to death in the middle of a lightning storm), buttonholed Alan from Say Cheese (and his dad), and demanded that he make us one of his new specials: The Suzanna Banana, named after his mother (which is weird because we had no idea his mom’s last name was banana…).

So there you go: Awesome grilled cheese in 60 seconds flat. Now you try.

Say Cheese [Facebook]