Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Ramen, Route 6, Popolino, A Chef For Le Bec and Michael Solomonov Moves To The Main Line

Oh, what a week it has been. A week of ramen and fire, of smack-downs, green beer and dudes named Wheeler. We talked about whiskey drinking and cupcake eating, about Popolino, Lemon Hill, cookies, beer and Michael Solomonov setting his sights on the Main Line. And you know what? Now it’s time to get to drinking.

So happy St. Patty’s Day weekend, everyone. Here’s what you might’ve missed:

Nom Nom Ramen Schedules An Opening It should be NOW (but it’s actually next Tuesday)
Sidecar Bar Catches Fire And not in a good way
Laban Blasts Route 6 For not being enough like…Bookbinders?
Wheeler Del Torro Bringing One-Night Pop-Up To Philly We have many questions, not the least of which being: How cool is the name Wheeler Del Torro?
Le Bec-Fin Names Its New Chef Ex-French Laundry sous to be filling the post
Popolino Opens Calves brains and pig’s tails for everyone!
Michael Solomonov Is Coming To The Main Line Goose fat and kosher salami for everyone!
Green Beer Is For Pussies Where (and what) to drink on St. Patrick’s Day
A St. Patrick’s Day Guide To Whiskey Drinking Get a little Irish in ya