Insomnia Cookies Comes to Center City Philadelphia

After somehow walking blindly past this storefront twice on Thursday afternoon, a more eagle-eyed coworker snapped this photo of the upcoming Insomnia Cookies that is landing at 108 South 16th Street. Insomnia Cookies, for those who didn’t go to one of the fourteen colleges with a branch, offers cookies, brownies (and, of course, milk) for takeout and delivery.

A quick chat with a gentleman at the UPenn location revealed that Insomnia was hoping to open today but they were thwarted by the city. Now the earliest the new shop can open is Saturday–or definitely next week.

Insomnia Cookies was started by a University of Pennsylvania undergrad back in 2002. The business now has 19 locations from Syracuse, New York to East Lansing, Michigan.

Insomnia Cookies [Official Site]