Weekend: A Beer Soaked Affair


Today at 3 p.m. Pliny the Younger will be tapped at the Sidecar Bar. It isn’t the only Pliny event on the calendar.


One ticket, a fleet of buses and twelve beer bars hosting events, that’s the Craft Beer Express.

If the Street Festival is too ruckus consider heading over to Nodding Head Brewery. Last Saturday night we popped into Nodding Head where we sampled three beers including the extremely tasty Ostap, a Belgian-style pale ale. Tomorrow during Nodding Head’s monthly second Saturday beer event they’re pouring a Ostap, Cherry Ostap and dry hopped Ostap. They’re doing similar three-variety pours of their Grog (a brown ale) and Rudy’s Kung Fu Grip, a very strongBelgian-style ale.

St. Patrick’s Day street festival at Fado


Earlier this week we told you about Brewer’s Plate, one of our favorite events of the year. We stand by that suggestion.

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