When Life Gives You (Pounds Of) Peanut Chews, Make The World’s First Ever Peanut Chews Happy Robot Man

What’s left to write about this week? Hop Sing Laundromat opened. Well, for one night, anyway. And Le Bec-Fin as we know it is formally done as of tomorrow. So when the Philadelphia-based Peanut Chews people showed up earlier today with Peanut Chews tote bags filled with every form of Peanut Chews known to man (and even threw in some Peanut Chews frisbees), I decided to make the world’s first-ever Peanut Chews Happy Robot Man out of the contents of just one of those bags. He may not be able to play the James Bond theme while flying, tell you where to find Pliny the Younger, or fire a 40-pound metal slug from New York to Philadelphia at 5,600 miles per hour with deadly accuracy, but he sure will taste good.