Le Bec-Fin’s Last Night Is Saturday

For those of you who want a last taste of the restaurant that defined (and re-defined) fine dining in Philadelphia, time is running out. Fast.

Since we broke the news of the sale of Le Bec-Fin to former Thomas Keller loyalist (and former-former Le Bec GM) Nicolas Fanucci, word on the street has been that the new crew would ease the suffering restaurant gently into its next incarnation with a brief shut-down and re-design in April.

Now, though, it appears that timeline has been moved up considerably. A source inside the operation tipped us off that Le Bec has been hemorrhaging money recently and that the restaurant needs to close simply to stop the bleeding. After two calls, two attempted reservations, and a quick pass through opentable.com, we’ve determined that this Saturday, March 3rd, is going to be the last night of service for the old Le Bec. Come Sunday, the doors will be closed, the lights will be out and the end of an era will truly have come.

Right now, we’re hearing that the space will be dark for at least the entire month of March for “renovations.” What happens after that is still very much up in the air.

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