Whether You Call Them Crawfish, Crawdads, or Mudbugs, Chris’ Jazz Cafe Has Figured Out Every Way Possible To Eat Them

Last year, Chris’ Jazz Cafe debuted the world’s first-ever crawfish cheesesteak, and it was pretty dang good, as Councilman Bill Green can attest. And so the other day, when I heard that the first of the live crawfish had arrived at Chris’ from Louisiana, I wondered what strange concepts might be on the horizon.

Well, in addition to a new four-course crawfish tasting menu–which may include items like crawfish dauphinoise or ravioli and a Franklin Fountain-made mayhaw berry ice cream (mayhaw berries being indigenous to Louisiana), there’s also a “crawzone” (yes, a crawfish calzone) as well as the Mudbug Mary: A Cajun twist on the Bloody. Of course, if you just want to kick back and suck some heads, boiled crawfish are $10 per bucket.

And if you think that crawfish are some disgusting bottom-feeding animal more suited for people like this than someone with your highfalutin palette, you still have time to get here.

Chris’ Jazz Cafe [official website]