Chipotle Commercial Outshines Grammys

There were two awesome things about the Grammys last night. The first was Deadmau5‘s super-cool, light-up mouse head (which I would be wearing to work every day were one to somehow fall into my hands, hint hint). And the second was this amazing commercial from Chipotle: the first big, national ad buy from the company, and an uncontested out-of-the-park home run besides.

Not only was the ad subversively cutesy while, at the same time, speaking to deep and important issues about the food supply (a target of Chipotle’s PR and social action campaigns from the beginning), but as far as we here at Foobooz World HQ can recall, this is the first time that any food company has taken such direct aim at factory farming in a commercial–and scored so beautifully in the process.

Sure, the Willie-Nelson-covering-Coldplay soundtrack helps. And the target is a nice, fat, juicy one for a company like Chipotle that hangs its proverbial hat on being a better, more conscientious food service operation than its fast food competition. But like the folks over at Eater Philly, we, too, think that it was the happy, ping-pong-ball-shaped piggies and farmers that really made this one iresistable eye candy. So what do we have to do to score an official Chipotle Happy Family Pig Farmers play set?