Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Bells, Beers, Wieners and Growlers

Okay, so we’ve had some big weeks before, news-wise. We’ve had some big weeks before, awesomeness-wise. But rarely does there come a week which is both newsy and awesome. This, though, was one of them. So whether it was all the hoopla over Craig Laban’s bells, a surprise look inside Hop Sing Laundromat, pictures of Charlize Theron and beer or dreaming of wieners at the Reading Terminal Market, this was the kind of week where you wanted to keep an eye on all of it. Lucky for you, that’s just what we do. And here are some things you might’ve missed…

Bells Ring For Five Not sure how you could’ve missed this Laban-a-palooza, but in case you did, here’s our wrap-up
Wieners At The Terminal Wursthaus Schmitz going into the market, but that’s also the best name for a Philly punk band I’ve thought of all week
Charlize Theron Has A Dogfish Head Actually, she has 24 of them. Take that, Cerberus!
The Reveal From Revel Two more restaurants announced, neither of them small potatoes
Alla Spina’s Progress, In Pictures ‘Nuff said
Foobooz TV Is On The Air! And we begin with a video walkthrough of Hop Sing Laundromat
Foobooz TV Remains On The Air! And we’re so surprised that the first shoot worked, that we did another one–this time at Nomad
Growler Guide Big jugs of to-go draft are awesome. Here’s where to get ’em