Sneak Preview: Cook’s March Schedule

It’s the beginning of a new month, and what does that mean? A new Cook schedule is being released. On Monday, February 6, the new class list will go live on the Cook website but, as always, we are here with an early look so you can plan your assault before the rest of the city knows what’s happening.

For starters, Foobooz is organizing another Neighborhood Pop-Up. Our East Passyunk version went swimmingly last month. For February, we organized a Fishtown pop-up (scheduled for the 15th) with Loco Pez, Paesano’s, the Pickled Heron and Whipped Bake Shop all coming together for one night of magic (and booze). That one sold out in less than an hour. For March, we decided that what would be awesome would be to bring some of the city’s best food trucks indoors for one night only–sticking their chefs behind Cook’s stoves to do their best work in a kitchen with no wheels–as a celebration of the power and diversity of our “Wheeled Neighborhood.” That one is scheduled for Wednesday, March 21, so if you’re down with the truck food (and like the thought of eating from a bunch of them all in one night, without waiting or worrying about getting snowed on), be ready to register fast come Monday. If the past is any indicator, this one will probably sell out fast, too.

So what else will be happening in March? How ’bout “A Night in NOLA” with Erin O’Shea of Percy Street BBQ and Zach Engel of Federal Donuts (March 1). Seriously, donuts and barbecue? How can you go wrong with that?

On Wednesday the 7th, Mitch Prensky from Supper and Lemon Hill will be at Cook doing “A Sumptuous Seder.” The next night (March 8), Sylva Senat from Tashan will be in the house doing contemporary Indian. Monday the 12th will bring a very cool event: Andrew and Kristin Wood will be offering a sneak-peek of their new restaurant, Russet.

On the 15th, Stephen Starr gets into the game with Aimee Olexy of Talula’s Garden teaching a class on “The Not-So-Simple Art of Grilled Cheese.” My favorite version? Two individually-wrapped white American cheese slices between two pieces of cheap, grocery store white bread, microwaved for 14 seconds. But I’m guessing Olexy probably has something a bit fancier in mind.

March 26th will see Pierre Calmels of Bibou behind the stove, teaching a class called simply “Froggy Style.” The next night, Jon Cichon from Lacroix will be doing a nose-to-tail lamb feast. And on Friday the 30th, Prensky makes his second March appearance at Cook, but this time he’ll be backed up by friends (and Lemon Hill partners) Colin Shearn and Al Sotack from Franklin Mortgage. Between them, they’ll be doing ROOT and SNAP cocktails, plus small plates.

And really, this is just a sampling of everything that’ll be available. So remember to check out the full schedule when it goes live on Monday. And here’s hoping we’ll see you all at Cook.

Cook [Official website]