Smoked Turkey and Marshmallows at Square Peg?

We don’t yet have a full list of what Matt Levin is going to be putting on the menu at Square Peg when it opens in the former Marathon space on Walnut Street. We know some of the things he’s thinking of, but not all of them. And yet, thanks to the wonders of Twitter, we can also have a small peek into the creative process of the man who made poutine into a deadly weapon at Adsum. To wit, this tweet that just came in this morning–a few words which are both horrifying and deeply fascinating.

Matt Levin

Making marshmallows for @SqrPg new smoked turkey salad
4 minutes ago via Echofon

The fact that he’s making his own marshmallows? Awesome. The fact that we now know there will (or might) be a smoked turkey salad on the board at Square Peg? That’s pretty cool, too. But the fact that there will apparently be homemade marshmallows and smoked turkey salad together on one plate?

As much as I liked Adsum and as much as I am a fan of chefs pushing the boundaries of cuisine, I just can’t see how marshmallows and turkey salad can possibly work on the same plate.

Here’s hoping that chef Levin can prove me wrong.