Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Restaurant Week, Shake Shack and Square Peg (No, Not the ’80’s TV Show)

We know, we know… Right now, all you can think about is Restaurant Week starting this weekend. But even in the run-up to this highly divisive week of restaurant insanity, there was some other news happening. So really quick, here’s what you might’ve missed while planning your $35-a-night assault on Philly’s restaurant scene.

Want To Run A Deli? $6,800 a month plus 10 grand for equipment and it’s yours
Connie’s Ric-Rac Looks To Expand Promises “a dining experience unlike any other in South Philly” <–Insert joke here
Whatever Happened To Arrow Swimclub? And now we know
Marrakesh Express Food Truck Rolls Into Town And we have the menu
Shake Shack Gets A Green Light Construction begins…now
About Last Night… Bunny rugs and saffron smuggling at Cook
Preview of Matt Levin’s New Menu at Square Peg Tacos? Check. Korean fried chicken? Check Poutine? Check and mate…
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